The Problem

“But the single step that would do the most to reduce inequality has nothing to do with finance at all. It’s an expansion of early childhood education.” – Nick Kristof

There is a Shortage of Care for Children under the Age of Three

Only 19% of New York City children who need care outside their home can be accommodated in accredited child care centers and family child care homes. Parents struggle daily to provide reliable quality care options.

There is a Great Disparity in the Quality of Care Offered

Characteristics of high-quality child care include:

  • a low student-to-teacher ratio
  • an engaging curriculum
  • well-educated teachers who receive ongoing professional development and appropriate compensation for their work

Even for those centers with effective caregivers a lack of resources can significantly impede the success of the program, which ultimately affects the children attending.

There is a Lack of Funding

Often centers in the areas with most need are those that have the greatest challenge securing funds. It is challenging to attract and retain quality educators and to offer facilities and supplies children need. Organizations such as HMESF play a pivotal role in ensuring all children have the building blocks for a successful future, both academically and socially.