New Toys for Safe Horizons

HMESF Grant puts new toys in 8 Safe Horizon Centers

It’s no secret that we take pride in the early learning and childcare centers that we partner with. All of our efforts are aimed at acquiring the resources these centers need to provide their children with the tools necessary for success.

Safe Horizon, one of our childcare partners, is an incredible non-profit organization serving families and children who have been victims of abuse or crime in their communities. As their name implies, the organization puts safety on the horizon for victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, stalking, youth homelessness and other debilitating experiences. With 57 program locations, Safe Horizon is constantly striving to reach more and more people in need of support.

We recently received a heart-warming update from Safe Horizon, where we learned that with their last HMESF grant, they were able to buy new early learning toys for children in their eight childcare centers. Check out the photos below.

This is why we do what we do. Learn how you can help us support organizations like Safe Horizon, who are really making a difference in our communities.

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